Discover the choirs of the Collegium Musicum!
On this page you will find ways to participate as well as audition dates


Auditions for the academic year 2022/2023 will be held in September and October 2022. On this page you will find full information on our choral activities and how to join them. New members usually begin with the Choir Wokshop, after which they have an opportunity to audition for the permanent choirs..


This singing workshop is a basic course to learn how to sing in a choir, and is the first step to join the main choirs. The workshop usually starts around mid-October and lasts until February, with two weekly meetings between 6 and 9 pm. A the end of the course there are auditions for those interested in joining the regular choirs: Mixed choir, Women’s choir and Chamber Choir.

If it is your first experience in a choir: that's fine! The workshop is open to everyone, even those with no prior singing experience or the ability to read music. Only a simple audition is required to evaluate your vocal range and assign you to a section within the choir (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). There is no need to prepare a piece for the audition.

If you already have some experience and read music: perfect! At the Collegium you can keep up with your favourite activity! If you want to apply to join the regular choirs you’ll have to prepare this piece: this will allow the conductors to identify your voice type and decide whether to invite you to join.

Workshop participation fees are 15 Euros plus Collegium membership fee for the first semester (see below).


Exchange students staying in Bologna only for the second semester of the academic year and have previous choral experience or read music can send an email to with a short description of musical experiences and ask for an appointment to audition.



Choir admission depends on the number of positions available in each section and will be determined by the directors based on each singer’s vocal characteristics and Workshop participation. Priority will be given to university students.


Participation in the Chamber Choir requires an individual audition of two pieces in different styles, assigned by the directors, which the singer must prepare on his or her own. Vocal quality and sight-reading skills will also be evaluated. Auditions are held every year and are open to all chorists.


Participation in the Women’s Choir requires an individual audition of one piece assigned by the directors, which the singer must prepare on her own. Vocal quality and sight-reading skills will also be evaluated. n.b. The women's choir is temporarliy suspended.

To participate in the Collegium Musicum you must become an Association member. The annual membership fee is 20 Euros for University of Bologna and Conservatory students and 40 Euros for non-students. Those who participate for just one semester pay half the fee.