Dati anagrafici
First name
Family name
Place of birth (town)
Country of birth
Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
Indirizzo / Address
Residenza anagrafica / Your permanent home address, not your temporary address in Bologna
Street and house number
Province / County / US State Abbreviation
ZIP code
Mobile number
Other phone number
Altri dati
Position at the University of Bologna
University registration number
Prevedo di rimanere a Bologna fino a / I expect to stay in Bologna until:
Instrumental training - courses attended, exams, diplomas (max. 100 words)
Experience in orchestras and ensembles (max. 100 words)
Examples of orchestral works you have performed (max. 50 words)
In alternativa puoi mandare un file tramite WeTransfer a: collegium@unibo.it / Optional link to a video of you playing a solo piece. Alternatively you can send a file by WeTransfer to: collegium@unibo.it
please specify
(Italian tax ref. number)